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1940s Fashion and Style

1940's cheesecake 1940s-pinup-girlThese hand tinted photographic portraits from the 1940’s show some beautiful examples of 1940s hairstyles and makeup. The fashion from 40s is very feminine and put together.



1920s-quoteThis vintage photograph dates from around the 1920s and comes from France. The hairstyles and makeup from this era are stylish and elegant. The fashion of the models dress and delicate string of pearls are romantic and eternal. Great style will always hold up in any decade. I can just imagine Daisy from the GREAT GATSBY wearing this dress, with her hair done in a similar short waved style.

Daintiness the Vintage Way

retro lingerie008

According to this retro advertisement Iris lingerie is the apple of every woman’s eye. This illustration is from a 1950’s movie magazine from New Zealand.

The vintage fashion photograph below is from France during the 1930s. The hairstyles on both of the models are sleek & stylish & the clothes are simple & elegant. Such style!


Fashion from a bygone era

Fabulous vintage photography showcases retro fashion, style, beauty, clothing, makeup & hairstyles.style is eternalFashion may change with the seasons but style is eternal. Any fashion that was ever any good will see a resurgence in later eras.

flappers with flowers 4.1

The fashion & beauty look of the 1920s flapper had a resurgence during the 1960s & is heading toward another reappearance in 2013.

gypsy corset

The gypsy mignon style returned as boho chic. The corset has reappeared in steampunk fashion. Victorian & Edwardian era mens & women’s fashions have seen a resurgence within the steampunk aesthetic. The moustache has had many reincarnations through the 70s & beyond.

steam age mens fashion

Before Steampunk, Victorian and Edwardian Fashion

The Edwardian era followed on from the Victorian era, however there are some cross overs in the fashion and beauty styles from both eras.
victoriana fashion

The huge and ever growing style of steampunk takes inspiration from the victorian era.


The Edwardian era was the last time period that corsets where an absolute essential to the fashion of the day.

victoriana_edwardian fashion