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1920s illustration 001 The above postcard was printed in germany during the 1920s. The dresses that these women are wearing are a great example of 1920s fashion.

1920s japan002TheĀ above postcard was printed in Japan some time around the 1930s. It is interesting to see the westernised hairstyle and mode of dress.

edwardian puppies003The above postcard is a photograph from the Edwardian era, featuring a fabulous Edwardian era hat & 4 adorable puppies.



60s & 70s Dress Patterns Retro Sewing Inspiration

I’ve been collecting these great vintage sewing patterns in thrift stores. I like the fashion illustration on sewing patterns. Knitting patterns generally have photographs on them instead of illustrations & I wonder why that is? hmmm I might need to do a google search on that when I have a spare minute.dress patterns001dress patterns005dress patterns006dress patterns004dress patterns003dress patterns002dress patterns007

Daintiness the Vintage Way

retro lingerie008

According to this retro advertisement Iris lingerie is the apple of every woman’s eye. This illustration is from a 1950’s movie magazine from New Zealand.

The vintage fashion photograph below is from France during the 1930s. The hairstyles on both of the models are sleek & stylish & the clothes are simple & elegant. Such style!