1920s Figures, Diets & Photographs

1920s-red001deco-lady-1920sThin boyish figures became fashionable in the early 1920s. A straight up and down figure with little to no bust was desirable. Women began the arguably unhealthy practice of dieting. According to a home beauty course from the 1920s women were advised that there were, you may and may not foods which consisted of:

You May Not” foods


White bread


Rich pastries

Too much butter

Too much cream

Too much sugar in coffee and tea




Thick soups

Pork (interestingly lean pork is considered healthy today)

Any fat meats


You May” foods


Almost any lean meat except pork

Graham, rye or bran breadstuffs

All green vegetables

All fruits

Fruit juices


Thin milk (not much cream)

It is also recommended to keep your bowels in perfect condition and to avoid laxatives.


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